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Detailed Description

An introduction to our children's bike series, the Micargi Hunter Pro is great addition to your child's life. A balance bike is traditionally used for toddlers around 18 months or so to balance on two wheels. In addition to tricycles and training wheels, a balance bike is a nice change of pace and will help your toddler learn how to ride and balance. With skills learned from a balance bike, your child will be able to go from this directly to a regular kids bike without training wheels. With a balance bike, your child will learn how to ride and coast without the assistance of adults. The only difference between the Micargi Hunter and Hunter Pro are the wheels. The Micargi Hunter Pro uses air tires whereas the Hunter uses foam tires. The Micargi Hunter Pro specifically uses a steel frame and and padded seat for comfort. It has a foam safety pad and integrated foot rest. This bike has the ability to adjust the seat height, so it can grow along with your child.

  • Micargi 12″ HUNTER SPORT
  • Balance Bike
  • Steel Frame
  • No-Pedal
  • Air Tire

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